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1957 Packard Clipper on eBay

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  • 1957 Packard Clipper on eBay

    If anyone here should happen to pick this one up~

    We'll have to get together for a photo shoot sometime...
    I have the '58 version with the same body number!!!

    StudeDave '57
    StudeDave '57
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    That's a great looking car & even though it's not without flaw, I would love to have it. A show stopper at any cruise night for sure!
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      It's a beautiful Car imperfections and all, and will make a Great Show Car. It is fairly priced accordingly.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        Current bid is $3207. Be interesting to see how high it goes.


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          For anyone who hasn't seen how the variable rate blower pulley works, watch the video with Supercharger hooked up!
          Near the end as the engine is reved up, the throttle linkage triggers the switch, which is wired to the selonoid that widens the pulley and you see the belt drop down.

          The belt drops down to a smaller diameter causing the pulley to spin at a faster ratio for increased air pressure.

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            There's a video ?
            Joseph R. Zeiger


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              Scroll down in the description Joe. It's there!
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                Thanks Chip , ok DUH one more micro scroll with the mouse!
                Originally posted by raoul5788 View Post
                Scroll down in the description Joe. It's there!
                Joseph R. Zeiger


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                  One hour to go, hasn't met reserve.
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