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Looking for parts: '50 Starlight Coup

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  • Looking for parts: '50 Starlight Coup

    Hi folks

    I'm posting for a buddy who's 'interweb disadvantaged' (read too old to bother). He's doing a resto-mod on a 1950 Starlight Coup. See pics below.

    He figures there's not enough left that's original to this car to do a true restoration, the front fenders, hood and doors aren't original, so he's going to mod it a bit. Shaving the front bumper, likely the back bumper too. Small block chevy, auto, S10 rear end etc. Just to make it reliable. He's looking for a few parts namely a right rear outside window, wiper motor and a left front window regulator. If any of you have any of these to let go you can contact me with price and I'll see if he wants to buy them. I know the man's meticulous so they'll go to a good home. He's the only guy I know who's stuff a HEMI into a PT Cruiser! :-)

    You can contact me by text at 613-349-1969 or email and of course I'll check private messages on here.

    Shipping would be to Ogdensburg NY 13669 for any US parts and Iroquois, ON K0E1K0 for Cdn sourced parts.

    Thanks and appreciate your time.