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Parts needed for a 51 Commander Restoration

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    Thanks for that, sounds like you have learned the hard way. I appreciate the info.
    i did find a LF fender that was listed as 50-51 champion, how do i tell the difference?


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      Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm only going by what's in the book, not personal experience. The wheelbase of the '50 Champion is 113". The '51 Champion is 115". The difference, I believe, was made up in '51 on the front fenders. I believe the body and rear fender dimensions from the cowl on back were the same for the '50 and the '51, although there was the slight difference in the tail light configuration as previously mentioned by RadioRoy. If that is indeed the case, it should simply be a matter of measuring the length of what's on your car and comparing it to the one you bought.
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