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    quote:Originally posted by HammondA100

    There are a LOT of studebaker trucks in Russia. Although I didnt see them when I was there the last two times,
    When I was there in 1976 there were Studebaker trucks all over the place. Our "motorcade" got stuck behind a convoy of them carrying loads of produce and women farm workers.

    This was from the old Moscow airport, which was nothing more than what looked like a 1930's railroad station with quansot huts attached. When you exited the "terminal" there was parking for about 12 cars and the main road was about 300 ft from the parking lot.

    They even had their version of Burma Shave signs. All speaking the
    doctrine of the time.

    I will never forget the display they had in the terminal. Big blow ups of the Wright Bros and Fokker aircraft in grainy B&W poster like dispaly. Along side each photo was a date and a name of a famous Russian aircraft "designers".


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      this is an old thread that I was reading about studebaker assembly plants.
      Is it true that Studebaker had a plant in Durban South Africa that was taken over by Toyota?


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        One of Many by Leonard Shepherd, may he rest in Peace, there are others on this VERY Old Post Like Art Unger and Bill Glass that are no longer with us.
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          Interesting old post!
          I find it strange that Studebakers sold in Sweden was either US or Canada built, the Belgian built knocked downs never reached us. (But in the later part of the 50's the Chrysler products came to Sweden as knocked downs because we wanted better rust protection.)
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            Several years ago I spent a week with a group of people repairing homes that needed it and whose owners couldn't afford to have it done. This was south of Huntington, West Virginia. One year there were students from Russia that came to help. They were also looking at how this could be done in Russia. Anyway, one of the young men riding with me helping to load and unload materials at various places that we were helping. I got to talking with him about Russia and naturally I asked about what I had heard about folks in Russia using the word Studebaker when referring to American trucks in general. He said he had heard his grandparents use the term. This would have been somewhere around 2006 or so.
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