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Dave Warren's '55 in February Muscle Car Review

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  • Dave Warren's '55 in February Muscle Car Review

    My girl went to the grocery store to pick up some missing items for dinner tonight and brought me home a surprise. She picked up a February '14 edition of Muscle Car Review with an article of the PSMCDR. With a quick flip through the mag, she did not see her picture in the stands but did see Dave Warren's '55 on one of the pages.

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    Right on, Allen...and you'll note the stats on that same page: More Studebakers participating than Dodges or AMCs ...and only one more Ford than Studebakers! BP
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      Excellent!! way to go Warren !! I hope we continue to show the race world, That Studebaker's "are a serious contender!". Ted Harbit and company" need to be commended for "always being there and being"very competitive as they possibly could be" . Every year at the PSMCDR "our numbers of Studebakers increase. What I want Warren to do this year," is smoke his 55's tires like the camaro is above his picture in the mag. I don't usually get this mag, but got the last one with the Sudebaker R2,3 with excellent info in it for my future reference.Thanks for making"all of us look good!" Mike..


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        Great coverage Dave!

        Stu Chapman


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          Dave is the man, how many of us would have wanted to do what he did with a 55 car at the races? being the only small engine car there and racing, I know Dave and I also know he enjoyed the hell out of it , and I bet he also let his dog ride in the front seat for the races, way to go Dave your the man right up there with Ted and the other big guys.
          Castro Valley,