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Helluva Deal! Hemmings Muscle Machines: $12/year Special

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  • Helluva Deal! Hemmings Muscle Machines: $12/year Special

    This Just In: New Subscribers Special, ONE WEEK ONLY:

    A Full Year of Hemmings Muscle Machines for only $12!

    Note: This offer ends February 25, 2014. Regular Price is $18.95 per year (which is doggone good anyway), but here's an opportuinity to have it for only $1 per issue, delivered!

    I elected to post this in General Studebaker so's everybody would see it, since there has been a good deal of Studebaker material in the magazine from time to time, including a full-blown article on Nelson Bove's R3 Commander 2-door.

    (Really; this is one helluva deal.) BP
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