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Cleaning the Garage Sale - NAME YOUR PRICE

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  • Cleaning the Garage Sale - NAME YOUR PRICE

    I have items left over from projects which I hate to throw away but they are not worth putting on Ebay. So I am offering them here in a garage sale at name your price. You tell me what they are worth to you. You can buy one item or all. You will be responsible for shipping in the manner you desire. I just want them to go to someone who can use them. I'll try to describe items which are not obvious.

    First picture: various brackets from 55 Speedster. Power brake pedal with factory bolt on mount. Temp sending unit from 66 283 works. New master cylinder used briefly prior to adding front disc brakes, some surface rust. Used springs for window flippers. Pedals are free for asking w/purchase

    Second picture: Stuff from 63 Cruiser. Headlight bulbs all work, bezels nice cond. but need cleaning. upper radiator hose like new.
    Voltage reg. might work but I'm not sure so it and used belts for emergency water pump and power steering also flexible oil line for spare free for asking w/ purchase. park light housings and 1 good lens. I am parting this 63 Cruiser out let me know if you need any other items.

    Third picture. Stuff from Speedster build: sway bar bushings barely used, new fender vent seal kit for one side, front brake line tee (hydrovac equipped), shift indicator pretty nice, Slightly used points, cond, and rotor from delco for spares (changed dist.), short crank bolt and used lock, cowl seals for trim below windshield, trunk wire clips, bumper bolts 5 are nice 1 has a ding, oil pan drain plug gaskets (2), dist, hold down, lug nuts 7 LH and 4 RH, 3 used fly wheel to crank bolts, distributor gear.

    Please email directly at: BROWNSL3@PIE.MIDCO.NET I will accept PayPal or money orders.
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    Back for one more try. Make yourself a great deal!!


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        email sent.


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          Thank goodness there aren't any battery hold-downs left over from completed projects. BP
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            I had a 55 battery tray and hold down all painted up with POR 15 which I unsuccessfully tried to sell. So I gave it to my buddy for his 53. Sorry you missed out. Boy, now you've got me wondering where the hold down is for the 63.