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Sold the Brand X cars... Looking to purchase another Studebaker

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  • Sold the Brand X cars... Looking to purchase another Studebaker

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    Sounds like a GREAT plan....Lose the Brand 'X', and drive a Stude! They are so well made they do seem to go on forever (with normal maintenance)...AND NO MORE CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS!! By the way,...sounds like You've found Yourself a really nice girl.....Good Luck!!


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      Can't help you with the purchase but have two bits of info/suggestions:
      The Lark was introduced in 1959.
      If a '51 Coupe is an option for you, I'd suggest concentrating on finding a '51 instead of a '50. The '51's had many mechanical upgrades over the '50s. And today, parts pricing and availability for the '51 is better in part because some of the mechanical stuff on the '51 was not changed well into the early 60s, at least. Just my $.02 for what it's worth. Good luck with your search. Be patient. There are a lot of quality cars out there for a reasonable price.


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        Could I interest you in my '81 Avanti? It's an automatic!
        Rob in PA.


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          Does this interest you??

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          Evan Davis
          Prince Albert, Sk