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  • Nice Avanti on ebay

    I like this Avanti. I have a question about the tilt steering column though. I never remember seeing any in the fawn color. Is this one factory correct?

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    It has some descrepancies not explained. The "Avanti" script on the front is mounted way too high, indicating body repairs. It has the fawn dash inlays and what seems a complete '63 interior when advertised a '64. Without a serial number we can't say for sure what it is. Might it be a '63 with a square headlight '64 front end grafted on? Red painted rims is certainly not correct.

    The steering column could have been retrofitted to the '63 interior and painted fawn to match.

    I'm not trying to be contrary in tearing apart an auction, but pointing out the flaws in what's represented as original and a price of $30k brings pause.
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      It does seen to be a 63 interior in a 64 . The inner fender and battery tray are also later style. Tilt columns were a late addition, and would normally be brown to go with the burl brown plastic 64 wheel. It has 63 style side badges too. Body number shows 29(X)7.
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        This IS a very beautiful Avanti that appears to be in good, quite original Looking condition, less those awful looking Wheels of course.

        It does make it a bit confusing when one of these maybe Transitional Models appears, knowing all of the ongoing Factory updates that happened along the way.

        The first things I notice that do NOT say '64, is the lack of the Cowl Vent screens on the Drivers side, the Totally '63 Interior. but then there is the clearly late '64 Tilt Column painted to match, Headlights and Battery.
        Who knows, but it is entirely possible that all of the '64 changes were added after production and a Collision.

        And, it could have been registered as a '64 with or without actually being one.
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          Many 1963 models were titled as 1964 models. My guess is this car is a 1963 R2 with a 1964 front end due to collision repair. Engine painted wrong color indicates possible rebuild which would make the mileage to be most likely 136,899. The "near flawless gauges" have peeling paint inside the bezel and the carpet is not original. If it was a transitional model it would at least have pirate buckles on the upper section of the door panels. Supercharged emblems on fenders are also 1963 style. The car looks to be a nice driver with a very nice paint job and decent original interior. A good buy on this car would be $22,500.00.
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            I think both Michael and Brad could be correct, however I tend to lean towards Michael.

            The lack of a driver cowl vent is the stumbling block for me. I could easily see a 1964 front end swap for various reasons, but who would ever go through all the trouble to remove and refabricate the cowl vent? I mean that would be a lot of work to remove something that helps cool down a forever toasty interior.

            I think this thing is a beautiful "frankenavanti" made from a couple of cars, although I would be proud to drive it.


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              Yes a beautiful car with some flaws. As to the original question about the tilt column it appears original to one of the 95 that left the factory that way. As others have pointed out the '63 components I doubt this had the column originally. I'd like to ask the seller what the serial # is. This could answer other questions as well. My Dad's Avanti is R 5636 and has the tilt column as per production. The Avanti monograph is also very helpful in determining what is correct. I suggest others buy these as they are very interesting to read as well. I thank all those folks responsible for the research!
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                I have to laugh after reading the sale verbiage:-)


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                  Under the hood, the air and fuel filters, and hood prop are '63 style. Most of the details are '63. Maybe it's a transition car, or just a '63 with square head lights and a tilt wheel. I wonder what the build sheet says.
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                    I like this car. No doubt it's a '63 that was 'tapped' in the front, and during the repair a '64 style front nose panel was installed. There was a time when 'round light' Avanti nose panels were in short supply, whereas the 'square light' type have always been readily available.


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                      ebay Avanti

                      The seller replied to my ebay question saying the Vin is R3930 with a body # of RQ 2907. That vin would indicate the car was produced in March of 1963. According to production records from South Bend Vin #'s starting with 3000 (Feb,'63) and up had bodies assembled in South Bend and those body numbered cars were made with # 5000 and up. Body's with #'s before # 5000 were made and assembled in the Molded Fiberglas Co. in Ashtabula Ohio. So there is some confusion there with this car. Phase out of round headlights started in August of '63 along with many other changes. Many of us Avanti owners upgrade out cars to suit our personal likes, incorporation of safety features and modern conveniences can be a plus. My car is Vin # 63R3453 (Feb 25. '63) Body # 5052 and eng # 2434. These numbers are build sheet correct. I have incorporated some '64 interior upgades such as veneer concole and instrument panel, '64 heater controles, highback seats, dual master cylindar, smaller 51 case battery, internal voltage regulator alternator, cold air intake and tilt steering column, '64 buckles on the door panels and electric trunk release. Next will be electric door locks. My car is my hobby and a connection to my youth, I graduated high school when this car was introduced. The car on ebay should bring pleasure to someone.


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                        Did he get R# correct, as R3930 shows up as a nice looking black car with a custom interior on Bob's site as of 2011, or did I read something incorrectly.


                        As I reread the post from Bob's site it does seem that this car was originally a turquoise and fawn car with a note on a dealer installed tilt column.

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                          Agreed, but if and when you sell your car, you won't characterize it as "original"


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                            As a point of reference regarding price, I sold my restored 64 R2 4spd with PS and factory AM/FM radio in 1-/2+ condition a month ago and got just $30k.


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                              SWEETOLBOB The ebay turquoise car shows a picture of the body # as 2907 so I would think the Vin# of 3930 would be correct. Bob's site does say there is a conflict wth the black car. Note the '64 hood support on the drivers side of the ebay car and the battery mount is '64. I would think the '64 front end either dealer installed or an accident replacement. Still looks to be a nice car. The R3930 on the plaque in the black car may be it's body #. Many have made that mistake in ID for car registration.