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Winter... Do You Leave Them Untouched?

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    Mountain Home, AR


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      Originally posted by BobPalma View Post

      This thread has a wild card no one has addressed: The fact that there is every imaginable climate reality among the various posters.

      Very true. I can remember plenty of days back in Texas when it was too hot to want to get into a Studebaker and go anywhere. One early September day in 1999, it hit 112 at the school I was working at - you can probably imagine how hot it was at 4 pm in the black '62 Lark I had as a daily at the time... In summer, I still find shade anywhere I park - even if it means walking three times the distance to get inside some place


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        I've done it every way known to man... deep sleep, under cover, battery tender, the works.

        My current practice is to not cover it, charge the battery every couple of weeks during extended periods of ice and snow. I need my man cave time, regardless of weather, so I charge the battery while I putz around in the shop.

        I finally came to realize that, in Oklahoma, there will most likely be a few days every month that I can get her out and circulate the fluids, etc.

        For example, this year, NOV., DEC., and JAN. were basically pretty mild... I got the Stude out for some nice drives during all of those months, although there were snow days during that period.

        Feb. started out pretty harsh... single digit lows and highs, snow and ice for the first couple of weeks.

        But, this week has been mild, except for aggravating winds. I've washed the salt and muck off of the daily drivers the last couple of days, with highs in the high 60s.

        Tonight, I just finished prepping the Stude for a show tomorrow... a car show... in Oklahoma... in February! Who woulda thunk it? <G> High for tomorrow is forecast @ 66 degrees, so I'm going to the show.

        The good thing about the wind we experience here, while TX and KS take turns blowing and sucking, is that, while we have not had a nice rain to wash off the salt 'n sand, the wind has taken care of that problem! <G>

        This IS Oklahoma... we could have a blizzard at any time!
        Dave Lester


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          I start my garage queens every two or three weeks, letting the Hawk warm up real good. I try to move them around when practical & take them out when also practical (no snow, grime, or road salt being around).


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            Well, another 10" of snow overnight (What a winter so far!)...Time to snowblow our driveway, and then drive down to My favorite coffee shop in the '83 least I'm off work today.. (And Tomorrow)