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Numbers check on 37 Studebaker

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  • Numbers check on 37 Studebaker

    My friend has a custom 37 Stude coupe that he bought about 2 years ago. He is just curious about what the number mean
    One metal tag has 37AQ-1 and under that on the plate is 5399
    The other tag has 558397. I assume the second one is the serial number.
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    37A is for a 1937 Dictator, and can be a 5A with standard front suspension or a 6A with planar suspension. Q-1 is for a regular or custom trim level coupe without a rumble seat. 5399 should be the body number. The car serial number should be on a plate on the frame just behind the drivers side front wheel. It should be 7 digits, so could there be one more number that you missed? If the correct number is 558397x then the car is a 5A made in South Bend. I hope this helps.
    George Cagle
    North Alabama Chapter

    1937 Dictator
    1947 M5
    1948 Commander
    1963 Avanti