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Reminiscing about my wedding and the Hawk

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  • Reminiscing about my wedding and the Hawk

    Guys, I hope you'll indulge me a little reminiscing. My wife and I will be celebrating our fifth anniversary in a couple of weeks, and I thought I would post this story of how she made our wedding day even more special than it already was.

    At the close of the ceremony, she had pre-arranged for everyone to leave the church and stand outside as we came out. I thought that was a little unusual, particularly because everyone was standing off to one side -- the side where the parking lot was.

    Ginger pulled me toward the crowd, which parted, revealing Jack Johnson's white '64 GT Hawk -- complete with "Just Married" signs in the windows. I lost it. I held my composure pretty well through the whole thing, but this was just too much.

    Jack generously drove us around a while and then to our reception across the river in Rockport, IN. I still remember that ride like it was yesterday and will always treasure it. I have pictures, hopefully I can scan them (this new laptop has Vista ... doesn't always agree with my scanner) and post 'em sometime.

    Weddings are always special ... my wife just happened to make ours even more so!

    Jacob Newkirk - Owensboro, KY

    Currently driving an '87 Ford F-150, but I dream of having a Hawk one day. Don't we all?
    Jacob Newkirk - Owensboro, KY

    KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL! Drive a Studebaker!