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63 Avanti Value- with pictures

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  • 63 Avanti Value- with pictures

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    Wow! that square steel stock looks to have 3/16" or 1/4" wall thickness. This is exactly what Studebaker should have done on the original Avantis to provide a bit of protection in the event of a hit from the side. The original 'Hog Troughs' were really only stamped sheet metal, that added ridgidity to the body, but no real protection in a side collision. I'm impressed with Your Avanti!


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      Would you have the serial number handy?
      64 GT Hawk (K7)
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        Hi Bob.


        Anyone on value?


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          What has been done to the frame on this car would discourage most people from buying it. I estimate the value at $6,500.00.


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            I must think you have a price that you would like to realistically get. I said realistically. Why not just put the car on Ebay with a low starting price and your price as a reserve and see where it goes. If it meets your reserve than you are good, if not you'll have an idea of the market. The Ebay fees won't eat you alive.

            The problem with trying to estimate a price is, as you well know, the upside of a round light car in decent shape with the non-traditional modifications. Take a lot of good pictures of the condition, paint is the deal breaker due to the cost of a good job into todays market, and see what the market will bare. We can guesstimate all day but the market is seldom wrong.