The panel set arrived this AM from SE Studebaker. The quality of their work and product is so far above that I've received from MG and Classic Ford suppliers in the past. I hope each of us realize how fortunate we are to have such a shop we can turn to.

If you are after cheap go to JoAnn's and get out your wife's sewing machine like I did on the Champ. If your goal is an outcome that will cause other classic car buffs to drool in envy you have this option.

My challenge now is to avoid the temptation of starting to instal parts of the interior before all the foundation work is complete. My to-do list on mechanical and electrical is long and growing as little things are waiting such as the right lube or yellow 14 gauge wire or another trip to pull and save for a specific electrical connection, or or or. However there are also many pieces dropping off such as settling on the right position for the steering column relative to the dash and getting the column dimmer switch to function smoothly.

Thanks to the thousand plus pictures it is easy to see how far we've come since July.

Thanks to the shipments now arriving from SE Stude it helps to visualize where we'll actually be in a few months.