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  • Question about this Hawk

    This is a magazine in Australia we look at for buying cars (like hemmings)

    The question is, is this ad for a real Hawk or is it BS.
    I know you guys like to discuss this stuff, so do I
    Or is the Hawk known and been discussed before?


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    I've always heard that thr GT was a last minute solution designed in a very short amount of time, so a design study 4 years before the gt was ever released, seems far fetched. That being said it just be obe of many random fifties design studies. But the photo really just looks like some random hawk bits bolted to a GH. I'll just guess BS myself.


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      Actually its not BS. This car has been written a lot about over the years. Its not the prettiest concept but it does mark the beginning of the idea of using a Thunderbird style roof on the Hawk body. Its not really a prototype in the traditional sense because it was the makeover of an existing older model by an outside company (O'chapps). But I believe it was commissioned by Studebaker for future design ideas.

      Some time later Brooks Stevens arrived at the same idea but weather he was aware of this car or not s unknown.



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        The cowl looks like it came from a Nash with a 62 Lark grille mesh.
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          More here: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ght=o%27chapps


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            Ha! I knew I recognized that car from Cars in Barns website! I was really confused as to what I was looking at when I first saw the pics on Cars n Barns... I figured it was some home custom job.


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              Be interesting to see if it has VIN & body tags.


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                This car has never really "smelled right" to me. With the build-from-scratch resources that Studebaker had in house - why would they contract with a local body shop to cobble this thing together??? I think the real truth of this ungainly "creation" might be lost to the ages.
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                  I have seen this also and I'm not sure what to believe.