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Spike TV, lack of Studebaker coverage/recognition (IMO)

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  • Spike TV, lack of Studebaker coverage/recognition (IMO)

    So Spike TV broadcasts a series of shows presenting various automotive performance/hot rod/etc. During the years I have been watching it always struck me how easy it is for the hosts of the these shows to build any of the big three. During the Engine Power broadcast one of the hosts invited the viewers to make suggestions on future projects for the show. I made the following suggestion/comment on the Power Nation FaceBook page. This may come to nothing but if any of you watch these shows, have facebook accounts and wish to suggest/comment they take on a real challenge either "like" my comment or add one of your own.

    "How about an orphan build, say a Studebaker 259 or 289, I understand they still have a following 60 years after the end of production. The enthusiasts face many problems which the big three don't, which adds to the challenge. Based on the results from the Studebaker Nationals and Orphan Car Drag Races the extra effort can pay-off."

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    My guess is nothing will happen since Studebaker isn't spending much money on advertising anymore.
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      The changed the titles of the shows in a group that went from Powerblock to Power Nation along with changing the shows names, one of which is Detroit Muscle. I doubt that a car from South Bend or Kenosha will show up.
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        Most all of these shows are pre-packaged and pre-formatted.
        Then, the airtime is purchased from the cable channel.
        The cable channel is just the time broker, and does nothing to produce the material.
        So... Except for the 'local' channel commercial time slots (that are built into the format), all of the potential revenue generation comes from the show content.
        That's why you always see the commercials hit all the shows at the same time.
        They produce and edit for Lead in, teaser, commercial, 4 minutes of content, commercial, 4 minutes of content, commercial, revenue segment, commercial, close & credits, commercial...
        Yada yada yada... Canned format.
        So the actual content is decided on months earlier, and is designed to pay the production company back.

        Recently, the cable companies have been in a frenzy.
        The 'old guard' has shuffled the deck, what with the selling off, and the buying of cable channels.
        Speed Channel is a great example... Fox bought it from the originator around 7 or 8 years ago, and they controlled the content.
        Then Fox decided to go after ESPN, so they dumped all auto content from Speed, and changed the channel name.
        All the car shows lost their contracts (weren't renewed), and they all had to scramble to find new homes.
        Same thing happened at Versus Channel... NBC did it to them.
        CBS Sports has screwed up a bunch with their new channel....
        Velocity has stepped up and grabbed a few auto related shows.
        Even Spike TV has messed up with their content shift.

        Problem with all this change is that it has pressured the cable providers to add these 'new' channels, and many are reluctant...
        Reluctant unless they are 'premium' upcharge cable channels, where the provider can get some of the added expense picked you.

        Bruce Springsteen said it well in this song (but missed the number by a mile...)

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          I haven't watched those shows on Spike in years since they changed the time they were on. I used to record them but never watched them so I just gave up. Same thing with the shows like car crazy or my classic car on speed, can never figure out when they are on. Seems like the time or day is always changing.


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            I have applied to the local cable versions of three shows . They contacted me back saying they might be interested in using my truck for the shows. It has been over a year and have not heard back. Since there are not many procedures they can do for my truck that will be sponsored by any venders, I do not expect to hear from them again.