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  • 1953 studebaker commander

    Hello i have a 1953 studebaker commander, it has the original v8 and trans in it. i was wondering if there was anything i could do to spice it up performance wise? its not a bad driver but it sucks when it comes to hills, i was told the tranny dont have a kick down gear and it pretty much runs out of power when climbing. any suggestions on ways to make better? also i was told you can drop a chevy 350 and 350 trans right into it with no mods is that correct? any help is appreciated

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    No you can't quite do a GM swap with NO mods, maybe minor mods is a more accurate statement. New special front and rear Engine Mount BRACKETS and Engine Mounts, Radiator issues, throttle and Trans. Linkage issues etc. and more are required. Not a bolt-in like a larger Stude. Engine would be.

    Many or most of us here would rather just do a more direct swap of a 259 or 289 Stude. and a '56 to '64 Stude. Borg Warner Flight-O-Matic Trans.

    Your Studebaker Automatic Drive/Detroit Gear DG200 trans. needs it's throttle Pressure adjusted if it does not kick-down, but you can select "L" at a little over 30 MPH to manually downshift to 2 nd. gear to get going.
    The method I prefer is to start in "L" (Low) while holding considerable throttle, shift to "D" and immediately back to "L" to hold second, then at a good speed just go back to "D" for 3rd. a very simple process after you try it once.
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      Justin, WELCOME TO THE FORUM !
      My 232 V-8 with the automatic has no problem dropping in to gear when throttled.
      I agree you may need to do some adjusting.
      If you can, why not visit the Studebaker York Swap Meet March 6-7-8, 2014 at the York County Fairgrounds. You may not need any parts but there will be a few hundred people there with first hand expertise in Studebaker maintenance.
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        Just curious; Starlight, Starliner or sedan?


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          Have you had this car awhile? I remember being in that area a few years ago and spotting a yellow one at a stop light.


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            While the Chevy swap has been done a coupla thousand times, it's not a drop in.
            As noted, the correct front motor mounts, (available), a new trans. mount, needs to be fabricated, the exhaust system, drive shaft, throttle (the radiator should be fine as is), maybe a little wire harness fabrication.

            It's not that difficult a swap, but it's also not a weekend job.

            Also at this point, rather than using the T-350 trans., you might think about an overdrive trans. The T200-4R makes a great setup (better thAn the T-700-R4 in my opinion).



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              thank you very much for the info, i will try that process and see how it works out. greatly appreciated


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                i will definitly attend the york county swap meet, york is only an hour and a half from me. mine is actually a commander deluxe 4 door. i have only had the car about a 7 months Click image for larger version

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                  If that's your car in the post #8, it's a '52 not a '53. Might have been titled originally in '53.


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                    52 all the way!
                    For what it is worth.......if you plan to change the motor in THAT car! Go to a SB Chev with a 200R as suggested previously. You will have to modify the firewall.
                    It is less expensive than the Studebaker motor & trans rebuild and will fit with your current theme and use.
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