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Hoping, really hoping, to match this Red Vinyl Dye from Studebaker International

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  • Hoping, really hoping, to match this Red Vinyl Dye from Studebaker International

    I know it's a huge long shot but here's my story.

    I purchased 3 cans of red vinyl dye from Studebaker International (SI) about 2-3 years ago and have slowly been working on the 64 Lark and dying parts. I recently ran out of dye and still have a few more pieces to finish. So, I ordered 3 more cans from SI. I started to dye the remaining parts with the new dye and the colors aren't even close.

    Each spray can has a lot number on the front. The ultimate would be to find more dye from the same dye lot. The dye lot I am looking to match is: "JL1305" (2 of the 3 cans were this) and/or "NV1003" (the third was this). All 3 were purchased at the same time and the colors seemed to match nicely. Here is a picture of one of the spray cans:


    I know it's a long shot but could you folks that purchased the red dye from SI see if you have any remaining in these dye lots? The spray cans don't have to be full (I'll take any amount). I would be more than happy to compensate you for the paint and your efforts. "JL1305" and/or "NV1003" is what I need. Thanks, Jeff

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    Another option is to have some custom mixed at your local automotive paint store. It's a little spendy ($100+ per pint) and you'll have to use one of these...

    ...but cheaper than recovering.
    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      If all above fails, you might contact Leatherque. I've used their dyes on leather and they mixed a great match to my 83 Avanti leather seats after I sent them a sample of the leather.

      They claim it will work on vinyl but I have no personal experience. Might be worth a call if all else fails.

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        Go to a shoe repair place that caters to the wedding crowd.
        They have shoe dye spray paint that has a flex agent in it, and the stuff comes in all sorts of ugly bridesmaid dress shades.
        Just a thought....
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          Jeff, have you talked to Ed R. about this? I would think this could be worked out with his supplier.
          Just a thought.
          I was STUDEBAKER, when STUDEBAKER wasn't "KOOL".