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  • I'm back

    Haven't posted here in a couple years. I started working on a 48 Studebaker pickup back in 2011 and was forced to sell the whole project due to divorce. Then end up back with my wife two years later. But we all live and learn.
    Now I'm heading up on Saturday to pickup a 48 Commander which I'm not 100% sure on the model it is. Its in pretty good shape body wise the interior is shot. It has been sitting in a barn for 40 years.
    They started working on it and removed the motor and rebuilt it. I have no plans on going with a stock drive train.
    I'm not 100% sure what I want to do with it yet.
    I do have a 454 with an 8-71 Supercharger on it making 1023HP sitting in the garage. Could be fun.

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    Oh and what do you guys think this is worth. We haven't agreed on a price yet. He's asking $1800. Everything is there for the car.


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      1023HP?, That 48 Commander is a pretty heavy body, you sure that's enough horsepower? O by the way, Welcome back, and good luck on your project


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        Yep 1023HP and it can be more with a bit more boost. lol Like I said I'm not sure what way I want to go.
        How much do they weigh anyways?


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          Welcome back, Tracy.

          The car in the picture is a Champion, not a Commander....but perhaps you are talking about a different car you are going to check out and possibly buy.

          Anyway, best wishes on the Hot Pursuit, as Roscoe P. Coltrain would say! BP
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            From here in my recliner...the car pictured looks a awful lot like a two door Champion sedan.

            My only caution, is to pay careful attention to the cooling system and air flow if you rod the car. I still remember a beautiful Commander I saw at a meet in Nashville, years ago. It had a big Pontiac V8, looked great, but the poor guy had to creep down the highway because he couldn't keep it running cool at speed. Despite cutting funky holes in the upper air dam, adding electric fans, etc. He couldn't get the engine to run at normal temperature.

            By the way...welcome back, and good luck with your project. As to're an adult...make your deal and enjoy it.
            John Clary
            Greer, SC

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              It has a '49 grill.
              Gary Sanders
              Nixa, MO


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                Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
                Anyway, best wishes on the Hot Pursuit, as Roscoe P. Coltrain would say! BP
                And, don't scuff the unit!
                Dave Lester


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                  If you go with the 871 supercharged 454 you need to chopped that roof, it's really quite simple, easy and painless.
                  If you do, the rear window frame spot welds have to be drilled and frame taken out, the glass remains in stock dimensions, all the rest of the glass is flat so can be cut to fit.
                  I done my '50 and was real surprised at how easy it was once I figured out what to do with the curved rear glass.
                  After frame is removed cut 3" out of the roof, trim the C-pillar and some roof metal and re-weld the rear frame back in. The rear glass will now look proportionate to the side and front glass.
                  Fill in the gap between the trunk opening and back glass as the roof will move forward on the chop.
                  The B-pillar will have to be cut and moved back into position when the roof moves forward, that is also a simple and easy task.
                  I can post pics of how I did it if you would like to see them.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	PaintedStudie2.jpg
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Name:	PaintedStudie3.jpg
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                    Wow, with that much horsepower, you're gona' have to use "speed tape" to keep the hubcaps on !! Congrats, sounds like a LOT of fun...


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                      Welcome, have you joined the club? If not please do. Guys here on the forum will really open up. The club is a great organization and the monthly magazine is a must have. It will keep you in the loop. cheers jimmijim
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                        "I do have a 454 with an 8-71 Supercharger on it making 1023HP sitting in the garage"

                        Perhaps You could fabricate a pair of wings that fold down enough to fit in the trunk!
                        Patrick Sammon


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                          Thanks guys, the guy I bought it from said it was a commander and truthfully I don't know that much about the cars. I see somebody said it has a 49 grill and for all I know it might be a 49. The guy said he didn't get any paper work with it so he wasn't sure and he's a Dodge guy so he's really not interested in it.
                          I'll find out better on Saturday. As for the drive train I think I've decided to do an LS in it to keep it more drivable. Chop the top, widen the rear fenders a bit maybe mini copper headlights rake the hood a bit, just some thought's.
                          I'll keep you all posted.


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                            Speaking of chopping and widening the rear fenders. Did you read my post above about chopping a 2dr. sedan curved back window ?
                            I also widened my rear fenders to take the large 275/40R/18 wheels. I kicked the fenders out 2" at the tail and tapered the gap going forward to the fenders factory position at the front so the change would not be noticed. That gave me just enough clearance. I then had to cut the rear bumper pan and add 4" in the middle, then a fabricated custom roll pan curved around and was integrated into the fenders.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	PaintedStudie2.jpg
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ID:	1684817

                            Then I made a ducktail using a discarded trunk lid to house my license plate light for the sunken plate, also the lines of the ducktail match the slope of the '52 tail light bezels.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	taillights03.jpg
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