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1953 Land cruiser

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  • 1953 Land cruiser

    A friend of mine has come across a Land cruiser in a storage unit very close to me. If anyone wants me to get more pics of it or want me to look at something very closely please contact me!

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    Gosh, that could be an awfully nice car when done...and a bit of a rarity with no radio but Automatic Drive.

    The requested opening bid of $3,500 is pretty ambitious, though; if you started there, you'd likely be upside down about halfway through the project. BP
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      I agree with Bob on this car. I just spent some time looking over the pictures. Of concern to me is the stains on the top of the front seat back upholstery. The claim is that the car has been in New Mexico since new. My impression of New Mexico (could be wrong) is a pretty arid climate. I can understand the upholstery suffering from the effects of intense sun exposure, however, moisture stains that high up make me suspicious. I wonder if the car has sat for extended periods with the windows down?

      It would be an excellent candidate for a "labor of love" restoration. Also, a family "cruise-in" and occasional driver that would be hard to beat. Those who have only been exposed to the more common Champions have no idea of how much more car the Commanders and Land Cruisers are in comparison. As Bob pointed won't take too much to become "upside down" in marketable value as a restoration investment. Unfortunately, these cars simply don't ignite passions, and pop with the "Wow-factor," as much as the flashy two-door showroom models.
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