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    Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
    OK, it looks like Dave has one of the 828 and one of the 738, and Biggs has one of the 836.

    Hey, aren't you ducking into the Storm Cellar about now Bob? It is not looking good in the Midwest.
    You bet, Rich.

    We have a deep basement with my office and computer down here, and have been here all afternoon. Tornado warning sirens blared in Brownsburg for about one hour.

    A tornado touched down in Lebanon, about 18 miles due north of us, but we don't know the extent of the damage. If it hit where described, there will be Big Macs and White Castle sliders strewn all over those respective parking lots.

    No fun. BP
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      tim333, I believe you are correct. The fabric on your car is for a custom W2 body, and although of an original pattern should be black. For positive identification one would need to see a copy of the 1957 color and upholstery book. These were a dealer only book, and are now a bit rare and sometimes pricey.
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        There is a sales folder on Ebay but the seller says the only interior photo in it is of the dashboard.


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          I feel a black insert to match the pattern on the door panels will look quite nice. The seat inserts as they are don't match the door trim or go very well with the exterior color.


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            I just received a mint sales brochure, off Ebay for $12, and it shows my interior for a Custom as you said Dwain. It also shows the same color and triangle pattern seat inserts for the President series. The brochure doesn't show any color options for the DeLuxe. Wonder why my body plate shows DeLuxe but I have Custom seat trim and wheel covers? Does anyone have actual photos of the roll top on the front seatback? I guess I'll still go with black inserts on the seats to match the door panels. The previous owner died so I can't quiz him.
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              My experiance (limited though it may be) is with the door panels and seats matching. As to the upholstry, you might check with SMS. They did a beautiful job for my '56.
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                SMS? Reply to my wheelcover question I asked on your new post?


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                  Hers's a pic of a page from a 57 sales brochure showing full wheel covers for the Commander and Champion Deluxe models. Mine has the smaller plain covers shown on the page for the Custom models.Click image for larger version

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                    New post... I suppose you mean new thread? I did answer your question in that thread.

                    In reply to SMS; they're a vintage upholstery manufacturer in Washington. They can reproduce the materials for your seats so closely that it takes an expert to tell the difference. I have a statement from them containing the address somewhere around here. I'll dig around for it.
                    One warning about SMS though, they work according to the timetable of their manufacturers. Sometimes it can take as long as six months to get your upholstery materials. Considering how nicely they do the work, I think it's worth the wait.

                    As to the wheelcovers, it's likely your car came with the smaller caps you currently have. Many people opted for the stock caps in lieu of the optional full wheel covers. The ones in your illustration are very close to identical to the set I currently have on my '56 and were available for several years from the dealers.

                    Hey Bob, do you know if that '57 Champion wagon still exists?
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                    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
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                      My 56 Champion has the same pattern cloth in green.. I got the last piece from Phantom before they went broke. Rene at Southeast Studebaker LLC may still have some if you need black. In the picture your interior looks green on my computer.
                      The only difference between 56 and 57 is that the 56 is plain triangles where 57 has a small stem like a Christmas tree. In the late 56 production run they started using the later cloth as I have seen both in 56. I replaced mine with the later cloth as that was all they had and they only had 3 yards which was just enough to do my seats. Got about 8" left over. see attached.
                      Nick Click image for larger version

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                        That one and only '57 Champion four door wagon hasn't turned up on my Registry yet.
                        It sure would be cool to know where it was delievered, wouldn't it?
                        You know- when I retired in 2008- one of my dreams was to head to South Bend with an RV for a few months and do a bit of in depth research into the '57 sedans/wagons. I've now got a StudeRV, but I'm not so sure I could afford the reseach fees that the SNM charges these days.
                        Bummer 'bout that, eh?

                        As for seat material- I believe there is a picture or two of my '57 Champion Custom (57G-F2) in a picture file found in my profile. It's likely titled 'Jewel' or something to that effect. I may have pictures of my Commander Custom (57B-W2) around here somewhere, but it looks the same. Pictures of my 57 Commander Deluxe (57-F4) would be useless because her seats have been covered. One day I'll see about removing said covers to see what's underneth, but it won't be anytime soon. Sorry.

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                          Bob and Dwain......I've looked at sales brochures for 56 and 57, the padded roll on top of the front seat is only shown on the President series, not the Commander. Car is in the trim shop now, want to get it right.


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                            My 56 Champion had the roll on the backrest as well.


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                              I have a lot of 1957 literature including dealer books and I believe I have upholstery guides.
                              Come over and help me dig though my cabinets.


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                                We did last year but we can again Bob.