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Finally received my production order for 57 golden hawk

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  • Finally received my production order for 57 golden hawk

    Bad news is that the 289 in it is not the original. Im still gonna supercharge it and get it as close to original as I can. The only things I dont understand on the order are the AC listings. I assume these are accessories. Can anyone tell me what ac2774, 2858, 2834, 2756, 2747, and xac 2688? Also, what is T5775A GOV 25? I says my hawk shipped via 'ST' and final assembly date was 10/24/56. Does this mean shipped by studebaker? Thanx for the help.

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    When I received mine for my 57 Silver Hawk, it came with a sheet that explained the accessory codes. I assume you didn't get that. If I can find mine, I'll provide that info later.


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      Rocket, here are some of accessory codes: 2774=Windshield Washer; 2858=Back Up Lights; 2834=Climatizer; 2756=Clock; 2747=Radio, Push Button; and 2688=Antenna, Internal Control. I believe the T5775A Gov 25 is your interior trim and color. Mine was T5454B RDV 24 (Red Vinyl). I assume your's is Gold Vinyl. Not sure on the ST?


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        This may help. If interested in one for your car see:

        Click image for larger version

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