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The price of a radiator

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  • The price of a radiator

    I just saw this NOS radiator on ebay; Starting bid is $199.99, and shipping is $40.00. I have an extra radiator, but it leaks. Is the ebay radiator a good deal, or should I have mine repaired?

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    A new one will be 300.00 to 500.00 just for the core, I would ask if this has 3 Rows of tubes as seen or felt in the Cap opening, this IS for a Water Cooled HD Automatic, the plugs can be seen in the ports at the bottom tank, it is for a '62 to '64 289 V8 Police Car or Taxi, so I would expect 3 Rows, but the only way is to look.
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      If it suits your vehicle it's a good deal but, I would not discard your re-corable radiator.
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        Had mine re-cored this summer at a local radiator shop. Up-graded to a three tube row w/ newer style tubes using the stock upper and lower tanks. It's supposed to have 50% more cooling cap. I'm adding AC so I thought the more capacity the better.The cost was $ 650.00. A straight re-core was quoted at $500.00.
        The parts manual shows this radiator is for 62-64 V-8 with automatic trans. Looks like a good deal to me!

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