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63 lark daytona convertible questions

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  • 63 lark daytona convertible questions

    Just a few questions on colors as I am going back together with my 63 Daytona convertible. The shims between the body and frame, were they cadnuim plated or plain steel? The color of the lower fender braces front and rear on a convertible? Semi gloss black or body color? The clip colors for the fender bolts front and rear, tailight clips, front end bolt clips? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

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    I wish I could help. The 22K mile very nice "original" I thought I had has a 64 dash in it, so it clearly isn't as original as I thought, probably has a few more miles on it than indicated, and colours and shims may have been changed. Good luck.


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      The fold nuts or "J" clips were sort of an olive green zinc phosphate. Shims were dipped black. Fender brackets were likely black as the front clip was painted seperate and added after the main body was mated to the frame.
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        The inner front fender splash rubber aprons. Were they installed before paint, and if so, how did they paint in under them where they mounted?


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          There was bare and rusted over the years, steel a lot of places on our Cars like the backside of the Dash and upper cowl behind the dash and the underside of the rear shelf, it would not surprise me to find bare or primered and rusting metal under those splash guards.

          You know they were only expected to last 7 years.
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