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SDC Representation At The Hershey, PA Fall Meet?

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  • SDC Representation At The Hershey, PA Fall Meet?

    The meet is 9-12 October, and I understand there are miles of cars, booths, tents, displays, etc. there, and have been told there's an SDC tent there. Dunno how many of us go to Hershey, but is anyone here aware of, or seen the SDC tent there this year?

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    I saw Denny Foust at the Carlisle show last weekend and he said SDC would have a tent at Hersey. However, I don't know where it is.
    Skip Lackie


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      I visited the SDC and Museum Tent in the red field (east end of the stadium). Chatted with Tom Curtis (yesterday) and then on my way. It rained all day today (Saturday) and many of the vendors started to pack up and leave. I do not know what Saturday will bring for the car show.
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        I just came back from Hershey, first time I've been there overwhelming is a good description. I was planning on staying until Saturday rain, rain rain! But I did enjoy myself
        Mark Riesch
        New Bern, NC


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          I know what you mean about overwhelming. I used to go to the Pomona meet near LA, and it that way. But I still have a red & white, dealer promo, 56J I snagged there. At that time, it was the first one I'd ever seen.

          Did you bump into the SDC tent ?


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            I visited the SDC tent at Hershey on Friday and chatted with the pleasant young guy who was presiding over it. I cannot for the life of me remember his name (senior memory moment) but it was a nice respite from the drizzle.

            This was the first really wet Hershey meet in about 17 years and while our little group had fun for 1 1/2 days you have to feel for the guys who caame from Europe or California. I do have to say that the October Hershey meet is certainly the best car event in any given year even when the weather turns on you. The shear size and diversity of "STUFF" there is staggering.

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