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Studebaker comes home!

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  • Studebaker comes home!

    The Indianapolis Star reported today that the Indianapolis Colts signed free agent line backer Andy Studebaker. My wife and I met him in Springfield at the International meet, very nice young man. Bob Palma.......... what do you think the chances are a Colts Jersey will be available with the name "Studebaker"?

    Maybe we need a membership drive via email to make it happen! That would be as Bob says..........."Way Cool".
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    It is an addiction!

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    Maybe requiring that he drive his namesake should be part of the deal?
    Ed Sallia
    Dundee, OR

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      you can contact the Colts at

      Ed, if he needs a Studebaker to drive I'll loan him one........LOL!
      It is an addiction!


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        Until Andy Studebaker becomes a starter, chances of the Colts Pro shop having one are slim, but, you could get one made through the Pro Shop for a price!
        Maybe Andy will be the one to stop Peyton Manning! <G> Although, Peyton has never played in Indianapolis WITH noise!
        As most Colts fans: The Colts, Peyton Manning, and ANYBODY that plays New England! LOL

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          There may be a few Chief's jerseys out there with Andy's name on it. I'd be proud to see any of you Colts fans wearing one to a game.
          Dave Nevin
          Corvallis, OR
          1953 Champion Deluxe Coupe
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            I hate to hear he's leaving the Chiefs. He was fun to watch and a good linebacker....


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              I found a Chief's Jersey but I think they probably only come in XXXXLarge.... (STUDEBAKER is a LONG name)


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                I just ordered two. They are cheap now....


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                  Well, at least he's playing in his name's home state... But why can't it be the Bears?!
                  Chris Dresbach