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1960 Studebaker Silver Hawk!

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  • 1960 Studebaker Silver Hawk!

    Met Chris the owner today at a car show. Nice young guy probably in
    his mid 20s. Did not have my cars out since it was misting/spritzing all

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      That is a very nice looking '60 Hawk.
      1960 was the first year that the Name "Silver" was dropped, that is why the Nameplate on the Fin says simply "Hawk".

      This car only has a few fairly tasteful Mods, like the Two Tone on the Fin, the Black Side Grille insert panels and the not so pretty misplaced, wrong Color Grille Emblem.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        Kewl !
        Chris is to be commended. I wonder what, "the rest of the story" is, as Paul Harvey used to say. For example, a deceased relative may have left it to him.

        Such is not always the case though. About 12 years ago, a lady in her late 20s, living in Louisville, spontaneously bought a beautiful 56J while on vacation in Tennessee. I helped her maintain it for several years, and she drove it almost daily. She sold it a few years ago to a guy in Texas, after her kids got too big for car-seats, and could not longer ride safely in the back seat. I used to jokingly tell here she musta been a reincarnated Studenut from yester-decade.