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    Recently, two Trans Am based Avantis were sold on eBay. They were both low mileage cars, below 10K. The first was new (still on MSO) and the other was with the second owner. They would both need things like tires (12 years old), fluids, etc.

    I bid more than $20K ($25K with tax and shipping) for each. The first one sold for $25K and the second one sold for $40K. I can not imagine that the market moved up 60 percent in weeks. I guess that it was just a case of auction fever where two people desired the Avanti and did not care about price/value. Auction is the only "game" where you need to come in last to "win". Of course, some owners (and price guides) will now cite that second sale as a value/price indicator.

    Any other explanations or comments?
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    A theory only: I have seen loser's remorse drive people to grossly overpay for the second one to come up for sale. Presumably, there was one (or more, probably) losing bidders on the first car. Having lost, they resolved to never let that happen again. When a similar car appeared soon thereafter, they jumped in with both feet. I have seen this behavior operate down in the dollar range. Maybe it also works in the $10Ks range.
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      I wouldn't sell my '02 for $25k but at $40k I'd give that some hard thought. I really don't care to sell it but as the old saying goes..."Money talks and BS walks!" $40k would be mighty difficult to walk away from. My car has 6600 miles and I did replace the original tires when they started riding square and hard...that was a message it was time for them to go.

      Any auction is not a real indicator of's a snapshot in time of one sale. It takes a number of sales to establish a real market value. There's so few of the late Avantis built (about 91 from 2001-2007 model years) that determining a true market value would be very difficult. They seem to come up for sale so infrequently...and add to that they're almost unknown to the general public...and I doubt if values will ever be very high.

      Another aspect that can adversely affect market value...exclusive to the point of no body parts available should they be required would likely scare potential buyers off. Should my car be damaged...if it were simply minor body damage, any good body shop can repair that. Should more serious body damage be done, I'd probably take the insurance money and sell the car as-is. Of course, having the GM running gear makes mechanical repairs a plus...just like Nate Altman used to promote the Avanti II.
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