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Need feedback on a Big Jims sunvisor

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  • Need feedback on a Big Jims sunvisor

    Dad wants to put a sunvisor on his 50 Starlight. I bought one that was supposed to fit a 50 Stude and got one of those 3 piece universal fit things. A complete piece of junk. So now I am looking for another one. I did a search and saw where someone bought one from Big Jims and got the wrong thing and had to send it back. I also saw where several people have discussed Big Jims stuff but I didn't see any posts from anyone that actually installed a Big Jims on a 47 to 52. I am looking for some feedback on how it fit and how it is going down the road. Does it flap in the wind a lot?

    Dads car has a 1 piece windshield so I would love to see some photos showing the mounting brackets of a Big Jims visor installed.

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    I bought one and thus is what I found...

    It's fiberglass and came with a cheap chrome plated adhesive

    The mounting hardware is solid

    I haven't installed it because I am making a metal one but using the old one as a mold

    The customer service was okay


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      I bought a visor from Big Jim's years ago (when he was still with us)...
      Mine was a Fulton brand visor (Fulton made aftermarket visors out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin).
      It is basically a 3 piece adjustable aluminum setup.
      I had to modify it to properly fit my body style.
      Also went from a 'V-butted' windshield back to the OE center bar, just to be able to use the center support bracket.
      (Didn't want to mount the center support that required holes to be drilled in the cab roof)
      They need substantial mounts, as today's highway speeds put a lot of stress on everything.
      They are also quite loud, as far as wind noise goes.
      A simple slap it on deal?
      Rarely is anything a simple bolt on on any car/truck that is 60+ years old.

      Since most visors were universal, with notations for specific brands, some work on your end will be needed.
      My dealings with them were fine.

      Here's a pic showing kind of a with and without......

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        I have a Fulton visor that came off one of my 50 Commanders. It is presently stored away until I decide if I am going to use it or not. It is a Fulton. My 50 is also a one piece window. The center mounting bracket for it attaches to the body at the center of the hood opening and thus the screw is not seen when the hood is closed. If your visor is a Fulton then you probably can make it work. Fultons are 3 piece adjustable. The bracket for a two piece window is different from that for a one piece. For the two piece the center support bracket clips on the center window bar

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          Mine is also one-piece fiberglass but came with all hardware from Standard Surplus in the Studebaker Parts Corporation box many years ago. All the hardware is quite sturdy and it doesn't move at all, even at 85 mph, unless I am passing a tractor trailer.

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   asked for "feedback." Here's my feedback. What is the true "pay-off?" Other than another gadget added to the vehicle...what are you wanting to gain?

            If you do lose nothing you have now. If you do nothing...nothing bad will happen. However, when installing stuff, something bad can always happen. You could measure wrong, place the mounting holes in the wrong position, or the punch, drill, or other tool could slip and damage your paint. You could drill into an unseen wire, etc.

            Then, as already mentioned, the visor could be noisy, flutter, or just plain irritate you.

            That is my "feedback." Weigh the "risk" against the value of the "gain" and make your decision.
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              Thats good advice, John. It goes with any of this gadgetry that is non-stock we try to add to these "already just fine" cars.


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                57 Transtar Guy, Did the brackets on the big jim's visor clamp to the dip rail or did they screw to the pillars? What kind of center bracket came with it?

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                  No clamps and easy install. As the previous post pointed out... There is a high potential for causing damage. The brackets are high quality and require holes to be drilled through the roof and the nuts will be hidden under the headliner. The center bracket on mine is the same because I don't have a split window.

                  I love the look of an old truck with a sun visor (a personal preference I've learned) but am still hesitant on mounting mine... When you commit to this there is no turning back!