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    Just finished cleaning up the engine bay and painting the topside of the engine. I ordered the POR 15 silver engine paint kit and followed the instructions closely; including not starting the car for 5 days after painting. After less than 100 miles, the intake manifold near the carburetor and the heads near the exhaust manifold are turning bronze color. Is this normal or a sign of something amiss with the engine? Runs good and not hot at all. Thanks.

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    Yes that is normal if you do not have High enough Temp. Paint, that is the hottest exterior part of the Engine!

    I have always use the 1200 Degree VHT Exhaust Manifold Paint on those hottest areas that always burn off sooner with ordinary 500 degree Engine Enamel.

    If I cannot match the Engine Color with HI Heat Paint, I sometimes put the Duplicolor Ceramic 500 Degree Engine Enamel over the VHT and that is as long lasting as you will get, however not forever!

    You may want to check your Heat Riser Valve to make sure it is opening creating even more heat than normal. It points FORWARD when open.
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