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    This is one strange looking creation.

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    You certainly would be the only kid on the block to have one!

    It's really different. I think if it were in better shape, it could be quite the conversation piece.

    Also, I wouldn't want to be standing anywhere near the front passenger side tire; the sidewall looks like it could blow any second!
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      Interesting vehicle, I wonder what you'd "really" find once the panels are stripped from the wood frame?

      No doubt a lovely thing, but perhaps in the vicinity of 1-200,000 dollars to restore properly.
      John Clements
      Christchurch, New Zealand


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        Man, that is one creepy looking rig! Would look right at home outside a haunted house.
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          SDC member in Texas had something similar to this only built on a late 20's/early 30's Studebaker President chassis.


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            An interesting vehicle indeed. Could be a very worthwhile project in the "right hands." However, looks as if it has been a very long time since it has been in the "right hands."

            It is also interesting to look at the seller's other items. He has four listings showing three different locations. The starting bid on this, along with an attempt to imply "Rare" constitutes "Value," is a red flag that indicates little respect for the intellect of prospective customers. To me, the starting bid and sales pitch is screaming..."Need a fool with money!"

            Twenty five grand will buy a pretty darned good pre-owned V10 powered motor home, (such as a Winnebago Sightseer), these days and leave enough money to probably get it insured and on the road with good tires and a full tank of fuel.
            John Clary
            Greer, SC

            SDC member since 1975


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              Seems to me that the rear axle is overloaded.



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                Looks like a hearse....
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                  Its 2 feet taller than a hearse, though I admit the resemblence.
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                    Packard Motor home

                    OK not totally Studebaker but related second cousin once removed:

                    Dan White
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                    64 R2 GT
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                      That is awesome!

                      Originally posted by Dan White View Post
                      OK not totally Studebaker but related second cousin once removed:

                      HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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                        If ever there was a vehicle that looked like it was wearing a top hat... .
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                          I'm wondering what that Cadillac finned sports car in the background is.


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                            Speaking (or more likely: writing) about Cadillac, there was a -53 motor-home for sale in Sweden this summer, some "factory"-made thing.
                            Didn't really need it thou...


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                              Wouldn't that be a cool ride to an IM? However, at the $25,000 starting price, it may sit there another seventy-eight years. My estimate for a restoration, at least another $100,000.

                              jack vines