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    • The First Studebaker I purchased about 4 years ago, my wife got mad.
    • The second Studebaker I purchased was partly her idea because she thought I should have bought a truck.
    • Then, out of the blue, on our club outing to the Oregon coast for IDYSD she tells me should would love to have a Wagonaire! I was floored.

    Evidently she got talking to one of the club members who drove one on the outing. She tried getting in and out of it. Walked around it a bit. Asked some questions, and came to the conclusion she wouldn't mind driving one. So now I have to find a Wagonaire in good reliable condition that I can buy for about what I could get if I sold her current vehicle (a Hyundai Santa Fe).

    Anyone know of one? I live in the Northwest so it has to be close enough I can go check it out and drive it home within a few hours. The good news is, I think she's warming up to this Studebaker thing!
    Ed Sallia
    Dundee, OR

    Sol Lucet Omnibus

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    I can't tell you anything about where to find a Wagonaire, but it sure sounds like she's a "keeper"


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      Good job. I guess the subliminal tapes series I sent you is working. LOL!! They worked on Kathy too. I think I am going to have to fight her for the privilege of driving the Hawk when it's done. I will keep my eyes peeled for one. If I find a good one down here I can check it out for you and then maybe drive it up to you and fly home. Wishful thinking but stuff happens some times.


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        PM sent...


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          My wife calls Josephine "the divorce-car"... she can't understand why it aint no 1950 Buick Sedanet.
          For the rest she's wonderful, & until now I thought we can't have it all...
          But some can it seems!