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Hemmings Classic Cars edition 110 November 2013

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  • Hemmings Classic Cars edition 110 November 2013

    Studebaker friends check out this months edition of Hemmings Classic Cars magazine. SDC's national meet 2012 in South Bend Indiana is featured on pages 40-43. The feature is written by columnist Jim Donnelly. I can recognize at least 2 New Jersey SDC member's cars.

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    Indeed, and it seems like the NE Ohio Regiment has dominated the coverage with Ed Davies, Ted Hurd, and Bill Pressler. I suspect Donnelly was paid off. BP
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      WQQT! I just got my issue but haven't thumbed through it yet. Thanks for the "heads up"!

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        I usually buy my copy of Hemmings at the magazine rack, but lately (ever since Bob Palma came on - coincidence?) they've really had my number for converting me to a full time subscriber. Maybe this will be the tipping point!
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          Hemmings Classic Car has always been kind to the independent makers, Studebaker in particular. I noted that a number of Studes in the article are Canadian.
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            Yes and one of those Cdn cars had made the cover back in the winter. That would be Bob Easton's '60 convertible....way to go Bob !

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              Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
              Indeed, and it seems like the NE Ohio Regiment has dominated the coverage with Ed Davies, Ted Hurd, and Bill Pressler. I suspect Donnelly was paid off. BP

              It would seem that way, wouldn't it? But I can tell you that no money changed hands! LOL

              Jim Donnelly approached Ted, Ed, and I as we were speaking (well, BS'ing!). He was a nice guy, seemed genuinely interested in the cars and trucks, and I might add, quoted me quite accurately in the article.

              I was totally surprised to hear about the article and pleased to see it--other than my friend Ed's '64 Champ (which he bought from "Mack" Miskimen, an Akron, OH Stude dealer that Ed had worked for in his younger days; Mr. "Mack" as he was called had had it since new)--mistakenly labelled as a '59!
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                I too can confirm the no money changed hands. Jim Donnelly was roaming the field in South Bend at the International meet, looking for stories. He was attracted to my car and I was there to talk with him. Making the cover was a surprising shock and the highlight of the summer of 2012 for me.
                Bob Easton
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                  Like Bob Easton, I just happened to be at my car when Jim Donnelly came by for an Avanti story. It's nice to see the magazine exposure, after the screw-up that that happened with my judging sheet, rendering the judging exercise somewhat pointless. Nevertheless, we had a good time at the meet, enjoyed the 1200+ mile drive, even in the heat and around the Ohio detours. The Classic Car article presents a nice complimentary view of the Studebaker Drivers Club - great exposure!
                  Bill Patterson
                  Kingston ON
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                    It would be interesting to see whether there is a bump in club membership following (this and other) media coverage...are we converting people, or are Studes being bought by people who have always wanted/liked Studebakers?
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