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Passenger Front Fender for '49 R5 Pickup Needed

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  • Passenger Front Fender for '49 R5 Pickup Needed

    Good afternoon. My neighbor found out that I mess around with my 51 Champion, and asked if I could locate him a passenger side front fender for his '49 R5 pickup that he is working on. He got it running, but says one fender
    is pitted and thin, and that the fender is too creased to repair.

    He's looking for a metal (no fiberglass) fender. Okay if it has light pitting, but no major dents and certainly no creases.

    Message me if you have one for sale and I'll provide his email address and phone so you can talk directly.

    I can't recall if the 49 is one of the trucks with reversible front/rear fenders.

    Clarence Bonner

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    Clarence, the M series trucks you can swap those fenders.1949 is a C Cab type, and those fenders will only fit font left to front left, front right to front right and so on.. Have your neighbor join the Studebaker Drivers club ,that would help with parts and tech support.. Good Luck..


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      Thanks, I will.