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  • Interesting comparison

    Ford vs Studebaker

    Robert Kapteyn

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    Originally posted by rkapteyn View Post
    That's kind of a crock. Fords were anything, but reliable in those days.
    Paul Johnson, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
    '64 Daytona Wagonaire, '64 Avanti R-1, Museum R-4 engine, '72 Gravely Model 430 with Onan engine


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      One of the gifts of the Internet: anyone can post an opinion or story about anything, whether they know anything about the subject or not.
      Skip Lackie


      • #4 is obvious that this fella's dad was an IDIOT.

        He might have been employed at a Ford dealership as a "parts" employee...but certainly not a mechanic.

        In addition to being an obvious idiot...he was also a rather thoughtless husband and father. What decent human being would place his wife and children in such danger as to send them out in a car with poorly maintained brakes and faulty emergency brake. Studebaker or not...brake systems are, for the most part, "matter of fact" mechanically honest systems. Properly maintained, they are reliable and work as designed. Anyone with the ability to read and follow directions, should be able to, either fix them, or turn it over to someone who can.

        Like his dad, the author of this story missed the main point of his own story. It like owning a cow, drinking her pee and claiming her milk tastes bad.

        Some of you may claim that I am being too judgmental, but some observations are so plain as to not require any further perception. Perhaps there is a genetic component to stupidity.
        John Clary
        Greer, SC

        SDC member since 1975


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          One data point will let you draw a line in any direction you see fit. It takes a lot of data points to come to a correct conclusion. Kinda like most reporting these days.

          And so it goes, Bob


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            Originally posted by sweetolbob View Post
            One data point will let you draw a line in any direction you see fit.
            There is a lot of that going around...especially as it relates to cars.

            "I'll never buy a Ford. Uncle Jim's brother in law's friend had one and the motor blew up after 10,000 miles"
            Dick Steinkamp
            Bellingham, WA


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              Originally posted by Roan
              Anything that seemed wrong I would fix and it lasted.
              I owned 3 different fords in the same time I had one Studebaker.
              The fords were nice, but dropped like flies when they wanted to go.
              And you should anticipate the brake problem with your Studebaker if you knew it happened.
              We anticipated the failing of our fords. So we never sold our Studebaker.
              My wife and I could have lived with one car, but my friend convinced us to buy a ford from his lot. It lasted us a while, But still failed. My son, then later my grandson even drove my Studebaker until it met its timely end; it was parked outside when a drunken driver tboned it in 2007. There was too much damage to recover it. I cried.
              We may disagree. But we can agree that cars in our age were magical.
              Looks like we have a Stude defender.