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A Studebaker most people don't have...

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  • A Studebaker most people don't have...

    ...if it's real.

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    Cars For Sale Dot Com?

    Interesting, I went to this "Cars For" site to check out the Carriage and found 42 Studebakers, but out of about the 6 or so that I checked, every one of the Site questions which are pertinent to the Cars were marked "Unspecified".

    You just have to wonder what people are thinking, the important things like Engine type, Transmission Type, Color, Interior, Trim, are not even used and usually not in the very short text either!

    I clicked on a sharp looking Teal Green '62 Lark 2 Door Sedan, and found a Video click button. So hitting that, I hear a "Lady Computer" say: "this 1960 Tastude baker priced at $14,500.00 is ready to SELL? !!!!!!!!!!" Who are they kidding? ...Not me!

    So I have to assume that these people who list cars for free, really do not want to sell them, they are just fishing for a Car ignorant sucker.

    Apparently the selling agency is actually something called "Haggle Me."
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      Actually I have 3 of them...


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        My theory is that the wife told them to sell the toy, so they fire up the classifieds site, put the lamest possible ad up with an unreasonable price. That way when the wife starts yelling, he can log in and say "look, I'm trying my best to sell the thing!"
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