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    Hummm....Now that I think about it, The fins that were on the car when we bought the car were from a Golden Hawk. We owned the car for 6 months before I realized the fins were not correct. The body work had already been completed on them when we realized the stainless on the outside across the top did not belong there. All of this has made me dig up the production order and check for an indication of owner. There is none. I am certain it was assembled in South Bend. Line number 4041. The car was plain except for the OD trans 75 head power kit oil filter wet battery undercoating HD frame AC2885 climatizer AC2904 clock AC2943 winds AC2906 radio AC2886 anten and one half pint P5911. Not on the build sheet were the two "D" rings used to tie the car down when it was shipped. These are still on the car. They fit so well I am betting they were factory installed complete with the gr.8 bolt and nut with a jamb nut to insure they didn't come loose. All of this has got me thinking I should try a little harder to find out more about the car. Was it common to send 1/2 pint of paint out with the car?
    Thanks for your interest.
    Originally posted by studegary View Post
    Craig is correct. Also, if it was built/assembled here and shipped to Paris, the build sheet may give an indication of owner, perhaps for Raymond Loewy. If you do not yet have the build sheet for the car, I recommend getting one from the SNM. It is after Raymond Loewy's contract with Studebaker was up but it may have still been for him or some US business person or government/military person. I knew someone that bought a Hawk in Europe that was assembled in Belgium. It was assembled without fins. Does your have fins?


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      Originally posted by RDWEAVER View Post
      Was it common to send 1/2 pint of paint out with the car?
      I have noticed that with cars shipped from South Bend. Many of them shipped to Europe had a can of touch-up paint supplied with it.