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Midwest Parts vendors : Are Mr. Ediger and Parmer still vending?

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  • Midwest Parts vendors : Are Mr. Ediger and Parmer still vending?

    As a recap... I'm looking to put power steering on a six/3speed Champ truck similar to some examples on the tech website

    I found a power steering pump bracket at SI but they we missing some other PS parts but they recommended that I call Vern Ediger in Kansas. I heard somewhere that Mr. Ediger had retired. Did I hear right? or is Mr. Ediger still in business.

    While I'm at it, is Eddie Parmer in Van Wert, Iowa still vending?

    Anyone have a current number for Mr. Edider & Mr. Parmer

    Also... who is the fellow in Missouri with an ad on page 60 of the current TW

    then there is always Tom K, I figure I can find his number on the forum... I may have his card somewhere in my desk.

    thanks in advance

    Jeff T.
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    Well it does not say who the Vender in MO is, probably a Stude. Parts Vendor!

    But seriously, wasn't Lester Schmidt's family in MO and maybe selling off his HUGE lifelong collection of Parts?

    Just give them a call.
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      Contact Vern Ediger here:

      Yes, he retired from the repair shop, but he still has the Studebaker salvage yard.
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        Lester's parts are all gone, there was a guy selling parts at the Springfield meet that bought everything that was left

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