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    Originally posted by showbizkid View Post
    I'm just tired of folks rippin' other folks.
    I'm not only tired of it, I just flat don't understand it.

    Here in Studebaker land, we have a pretty small slice of the old car hobby. When you look at that slice the way MOST here practice the hobby (stockers), it is a tiny, tiny slice. Why do we think that everyone else in the hobby is wrong and we are the only ones doing it right and having fun? What joy is there in posting a car you don't like (there seems to be an endless supply), then having bunches of others pile on...each negative comment attempting to top the last?

    I certainly don't like every car out there (new or vintage), but if someone else is having fun with a car I'm not crazy about at a car show, it's OK with me. I walk on by it. I don't feel the need to stop, find the owner, and give him a piece of my mind for doing something that I wouldn't do. Plenty of cars there that do attract me.

    For those that dislike 50's radical customs like this one, don't limit your distaste for these cars here, slide on over to the H.A.M.B. and post your feelings about that part of the hobby there. So far, 8,000,000 posts on the subject from 221,000 members. A much bigger audience that you can let know exactly how you feel. Everyone likes the same things you like (or should)...right?
    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      If I post a personal opinion that someones personal take on a car doesn't jibe with mine, that's fine by me. It's just my one opinion. I don't have to like every Stude modified or not.
      I will never say, however, that that one persons vision is wrong or that they should not enjoy the hobby in their own way. I will never presume my beliefs upon another. IT. IS. WRONG!
      Bez Auto Alchemy

      "Don't believe every internet quote" Abe Lincoln