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A four year old's birthday wish

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  • A four year old's birthday wish

    This Saturday is going to be a busy day. As we're all aware, it's International Drive Your Studebaker Day. (You'll be driving yours, right?) ) But it's ALSO my son's 4th birthday.

    We have a lot of fun and festivities planned for the whole weekend, and to a limited extent, we've asked him for his input on the day. First, there was a question of the cake. When asked what kind of cake he wanted, he was very clear - "I want a cake with cars and trains, and a helicopter."

    Naturally, we wanted to get more information, so we drilled him on what kinds of cars and trains and helicopters he wanted on the cake. He was once again very clear on the kind of cars he wants - Studebakers. Fortunately we have a couple Hot Wheels Champ pickups that will do fine for that

    I also told him that he could come with me to the car show in the morning. His first question about that was "Are there going to be lots of Studebakers there?" I mentioned in this thread that for IDYSD, a bunch of cars in our chapter are planning on going to the local Coffee Cruise, so i told him there would be a lot of old cars, and probably a few Studebakers. At this news he was jumping up and down shouting yay, and he's very excited about his birthday now. (So, um, local guys, no pressure or anything, but if no other Studebakers show up there will be a sad little 4 year old to contend with )

    It's funny how a something like a type of car can draw that much interest from someone who is right on par with preschooler distractability. But he does love them. For over a year now, he's been able to name at least the body types ("Bulletnose", "Loewy Coupe") but can identify a few specific models (Lark, Hawk, Champ, etc) as well. It's comforting in a way, to know that if he holds onto this enthusiasm, there will be someone to look after the cars long after I'm gone.

    Anyway, just some musings for the day. And with that, I'm off to bed. G'night!
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    Hmmm... & my 3-ears old son mixes up Studebakers & Cadillax all the time because that's what we have... maby next year when he's 4 then...


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      Every now and then ours will use "Studebaker" as a term synonymous to "old car". I can't get on his case too much though. I think I was confusing "Minneapolis" with "Minnesota" up into my teens. (Which would demonstrate God's sense of humor, seeing as I met and married a Minnesotan native, and later wound up living there for the better portion of a decade! )
      '63 Lark Custom, 259 v8, auto, child seat

      "Your friendly neighborhood Studebaker evangelist"


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        well, none of mine are driveable this week. However, I might, just might be trailering one!
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          I work all day Saturday. But I'll be driving it at 5:00am and mignight!