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    Was the '55 President built in a C (coupe) body style? Does any one have a picture of the back seat area?
    Thanks, John

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    I think there was a red/black C-body President pictured in the 1955 President Brochure.
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      Originally posted by JER View Post
      Was the '55 President built in a C (coupe) body style? Does any one have a picture of the back seat area?
      Thanks, John
      A direct answer - YES. (There were cars pictured in brochures that were never offered to the public.) A 1955 President State Coupe is body code 6H-C5.
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        Hope this helps but not zakly what you asked for
        Originally posted by jimmijim8
        I most definitely had one and just a little over a yr ago sold it. It was purchased by me minus the title from Billy Miles of Euless Texas. If it is a rareity I done screwed up. Had a rock solid/straight as a laser beam rust free body and frame. Completely unmolested except someone put an Olds 350 in it. had it for 1 yr and a year ago this past Feb thru Ebay sold it to a fellow from Georgia. My bad maybe? Rear seat area Pres coupe vs. Pres Hardtop takes more than a casual glance to discern the difference. Don't know about the fabric theme. The difference between the rear floor.>>>>>>>> A hard top has a crossmember/body stiffener about 2 in. high/ if you will, extending from the back seat area right behind the footwells side to side on which the forward bottom of the seat frame rests/ like GT's and all hardtop K's. Coupe seat cushions I believe are higher to compensate for not being elevated by the cross brace body stiffener. The coupe vs. hard top President c/k rear seat bottoms aren't really the same animal. Friend of mine had a 53 hardtop that had coupe type rear bottoms. It was a no-workee proper situation. cheers jimmijim.
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          Thanks all for the info. John