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Art Exhibit in Nashville, TN (Studebaker Content)

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  • Art Exhibit in Nashville, TN (Studebaker Content)

    (sorry if this has already been posted)


    By Dr Marcus Bunyan

    OMG, OMG, OMG a bumper posting of car porn!Some of these are just ravishing (my favourite is the .Bugatti Type 46 Semi-profile Coupevalance-free fenders, a steeply canted windscreen, a roof with a perfect radius, and dramatic sweep panels. This has been called by Paul Kestler, author of Bugatti: Evolution of Stylevalance-free fenders: this type of motor vehicle wheel covering did not make use of the then popular valance, a piece of metal added to the side of the fender that prevented splashing along the body..Jordan Model Z Speedway Ace Roadster.Cord L-29 Cabriolet.Henderson KJ Streamline.Model 40 Special SpeedsterSensuous Steel: Art Deco AutomobilesSensuous Steeldisplay the classic grace and modern luxury of Art Deco design. An eclectic, machine-inspired decorative style that thrived between the two World Wars, Art Deco combined craft motifs with industrial materials and lavish embellishments. The movement began in Paris in the early 1920s and was propelled to prominence in with the success of the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in 1925. Automakers embraced the sleek iconography of motion and aircraft-inspired materials connotative of Art Deco, creating memorable automobiles that still thrill all who see them. notes Frist Center Executive Director Dr. Susan H. Edwards. explains Guest Curator Ken Gross. Press release from The Frist Center for the Visual Arts website...Packard Twelve Model 1106 Sport Coupe by LeBaron.Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow Sedanfaired-in headlamp nacellesfaired-in headlamp nacelles: a fairing, primarily found on aircraft, is a streamlined structure used to create a more aerodynamic outline; a nacelle refers to any streamlined housing or enclosure; in this instance, the forward facing headlamps are enclosed within a housing and placed with a fairing that does not extend beyond the curvilinear profile of the overall design..Chrysler Imperial Model C-2 Airflow Coupe..Delahaye 135M Figoni & Falaschi Competition Coupe.Stout ScarabLe Temps, a Paris newspaper. In the early 1950s, this Scarab was offered for sale on a Parisian used car lot and returned to America...Delahaye 135MS Roadster..Talbot-Lago T-150C-SS Teardrop Coupehemi head, could be fitted with three carburetors for 170-brake horsepower. Some cars were equipped with an innovative Wilson pre-selector gearboxhemi head: an internal combustion engine that is designed with hemispherically shaped chambers that optimized combustion and permitted larger valves for more efficiencypre-selector gearbox:.Tatra T97.Bugatti Type 57C by Vanvooren.Delage D8-120S Saoutchik CabrioletLa Belle Voiture Francaise.Indian Chief.Chrysler ThunderboltFrist Center for the Visual ArtsFrist Center for the Visual Arts website
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    'Had it here a couple months ago, Jeff:


    It was/is a very cool display; worth attending, as we did. BP
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      Jeff: WOW! Thanks for posting such an interesting and gorgeous series of autos.
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        Also love the Tatra and Edsel Ford's little runabout.
        All are classic cars of taste and style, for sure!
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          Those gorgeous shots continue to make me believe the Art Deco Period was the high point in auto styling.

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