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'64 Commander on CL; drivable and $700

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  • '64 Commander on CL; drivable and $700

    Drivable and $700. Pics not to bad either. Please circulate/forward to those who may be interested.

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    Someone with body experience might be able to do something with this one. If you got patch panels for the doors and fenders from Classic Enterprises, you'd be into this car another $250, excluding time and labor. (Depending on what your time and labor are worth to you, 64-66 front fenders are cheap, and used doors are out there.) The floor pans are probably shot which would be another few hundred bucks (unless you find some cheap used sheet metal to patch it up with), and I wonder about the frame. (I mean, come on, this is a Minne-SNOW-ta car.) But, if the underside is mostly solid, it could be a fun little car. Heck, beat down the rust, bondo up the holes, and drive it as it for a season or two while you save up your pennies to fix it right.
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      I'm from Minnesota and I've found that you can't make assumptions about rust and the frame or even the floors. I've seen some that were bad, but no worse than lots of other states and I've also seen some, like the Minnesota 1965 Daytona I had for a short time that were not kept indoors and the floors and frame were pristine. I think it depends more on how much the car was driven in the northern winter and whether it was left to sink into mud or dirt. This particular car looks a little rough to me, but the only way to really know is to see it in person or get more pictures.
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