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Attention those in the South Bend area....

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  • Attention those in the South Bend area....

    I saw a '62 GT Hawk on US 31 at New Road. This intersection has flasher beacons and is midway between South Bend and Lakeville. The car is on the SE corner. It looks like for sale. I was in a hurry when I drove past it yesterday so I could not stop. If anyone is in the area, I wanted to give you a heads up on it. It looks like it has potential as a good project.

    If anyone on here has more info on this car, please fill us in. Thanks in advance!

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    I stopped and looked at it the other night. I think it's a '63 though. I didn't see a for sale sign, but the car is rough. The interior is pretty much gone and it has quite a bit of rust. I'm not sure on the engine, and I didn't look under it so I don't know anything about the chassis. I would say that it probably could be restored, but it would be a major project.
    Chris Dresbach