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Power steering in a Champ...where to get a pump?

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  • Power steering in a Champ...where to get a pump?

    I've been considering adding power steering on my Champ project using a GM midsized power steering gear as illustrated by a couple of projects on the tech pages. Getting a GM 800 steering gear and a S10 pittman arm is the easy part. I planned on using a six since I have a spare but it occurred to me since I need the brackets, pump and other power steering parts.... I have never seen a Lark six with power steering. I have scrapped a lot of Larks but none of them ever had power steering and few of them had automatic transmissions... the parts cars I usually ran across in rural SE Nebraska were usually six cylinder/three speeds w/o od

    Well, anyone out there know of a Lark six parts car with power steering?

    Jeff T.
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    They are "out there" but one in a Million. The 6 Cyl. models did not need Power Steering, many Stude. owners have become 80 years old and may need it now, but when they were NEW no one did need or order them.

    Just drop a 259 in it, you'll be happy you did!
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      Try ordering the correct p/steer brackets from S.I. Its the kind of slow moving stuff that may still be left over from the SASCO stock.



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        I have a pump for a lark with a 259


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          Dave T Bow has a power steering kit for 63 & 64 Champs a friend of mine installed it on his Champ