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Granatelli & Paula Murphy Nov 11 1963 at IMS

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  • #16 was obvious to me that the purse was a prop...few women over the age of 14 would be able to carry all their junk in a real purse that small!
    John Clary
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      Originally posted by jclary View Post was obvious to me that the purse was a prop...few women over the age of 14 would be able to carry all their junk in a real purse that small!
      Believe it or not, women actually used to carry smaller purses. They did not have all the junk they carry with them today. I remember my mom carried everything she needed in one about that size every day.
      Ed Sallia
      Dundee, OR

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        I have seen three people burn up in two separate accidents. It is not something that you forget.

        I met Paula in the mid-1960s (IIR the date correctly - I remember the meeting).
        Gary L.
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          You can see the rear of a dark colored Avanti on the left just inside the Gasoline Alley gate at 2:00 and again at 3:36.
          Wonder who's ride it was, Andy or Paula's?
          I was STUDEBAKER, when STUDEBAKER wasn't "KOOL".


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            Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
            Thanks to James Bell for digging up this 4 minutes of neat old B&W period footage and passing it along.

            It's obviously all publicity about Paula Murphy, "Miss STP," as she became the first woman to drive at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Andy Granatelli had her run some tire tests in his Novi Racer on November 11, 1963. I accept no responsibility for the background music:


            Bonus: I believe the fellow in the black cap helping Ms. Murphy out of the race car early-on is a popular, famous Indianapolis 500 driver who would lose his life barely six months later in the 1964 Indianapolis 500 mile race.

            Who is he? BP
            yes, Eddie Sachs...also, there is a short shot of Jim Hurtibuse..who drove the 56 car..lead the 1st lap, The Hotel Tropicana novi ..the 6 CAR AND AJ Watson, man with the gray crew cut...I believe that Bobby Unser drove the 6 car...Bobby also drove the 9 car in 1965...Jim McElreath drove a novi in 1964 and of course the great Art Malone drove a 1956 novi in 1963 , the high tail fin car at a qualified speed of 148 + mph, and also the 3 car in 1964... the 1965 9 car was just beautiful, with wide whitewall tires ..Herk had the Tombstone Life STP car, #59 which was a older Kurtis roadster (1962)..the tranny broke at the ran a lap...Jim Clark won in 65, with the Lotus Ford..basically the end of the roadsters...Herk would champion on the roadsters building his own car, the Mallard which I believe is the fastest front engine car ever at Indy...Interesting too, is that when Andy G. went to the Turbines in 67, and 68, both P. Jones and J.Lenard were leading when the tranny in both cars failed...I can still remember AJ Foyt whining about those dam jet cars!! I remember when Graham Hill set the track record at 170mph...(1968) Bobby Unser won in 1968 when Joe's car broke...the movie."Winning" with Paul Newman used Bobby's 3 car as Paul's in the film...those were the days...btw..the stp pit crew pajamas were the hit of the races...


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              Gawd, that's chilling. Paula looks so much like my ex (20 years divorced), I had a flashback. Hadn't seen her in 20 years and one day she jumped in front of my shopping cart to say "Hi". I've been run over by an eight team hitch of Clydesdales and didn't get as spooked.
              Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                Neat footage. What I like about it is it seems to include the raw footage (beginning) and the edited footage (end) that was likely used for publicity.