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1923, 4dr sedan, what is it worth,

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  • 1923, 4dr sedan, what is it worth,

    We have a 23 4door sedan that is ORIGIONAL, no rust, no dents, paint is GOOD, always garaged, runs, wood spokes are tight, new tires. The corduary seats are good with no rips or tears. The back seat, floor heater has been disconnected for safety reasons. The car is in Ohio.Click image for larger version

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    Sorry to hear about your loss, but, welcome to the forum. Pictures would help, although I bet Richard (StudebakerWheel) has pictures of what it looked like new. I have nothing to compare but the basket cases offered on eBay. Condition means everything when it comes to pricing. If you still have it in May, the South Bend meet would be the place to display it and offer it to Stude folk. Good luck.
    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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      So sorry for the loss of your dad. It sounds like you have a beautiful Studebaker there. If your library has a copy of Old Cars Price Guide, you may get a good idea of what your car is worth. Good luck.

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        I too am sorry to hear of your loss. I miss my own father every day. As others have said value of the Stude is directly dependent on condition. Photos would be helpful and most welcome to those of us who love but cannot own such machine. If you cannot post them feel free to send them to me in a personal message and I will brow beat Tracy into posting them. Steve


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          Thanks for the picture. That's a beautiful car.
          Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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            What's your asking price?


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              That is what we are trying to determine. As I said, the car is origional. It has not been restored, it is in off assembly line condition, except for the age and sitting around stuff that we all suffer from.


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                You should be aware that your car is a 1923-24 Model EM Light Six. This was the economy model for that era behind the larger Studebaker Big Six and Special Six. In trying to sell it you should be sure to specify the LIGHT SIX. If you have a serial number I could nail it down even further. Attaching a photo of a nearly identical car. The only difference I see is the optional disc wheels whereas your car has the more common wood wheels.

                Click image for larger version

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                Richard Quinn
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                  I sold a 1924 Light Six touring car on ebay before the economic downturn for a little over $6000. It was a running driving car, with a new top and tires. Original upholstery in pretty good condition for the age. It had a funky paint job advertising a nearby bar & grill from the 1950's, which probably was a minus. Keep in mind an open car is generally worth more than a closed car and as Richard Quinn noted this is the Light Six which was the lower line of cars for Studebaker. Also keep in mind by today's standards these cars are underpowered and while great at about 35 mph on the flats, they can't keep up with todays traffic, so their not all that practical to drive around other than short trips around town or on the back roads. Also bear in mind they had external contracting rear (only) brakes and you want to plan your stops well in advance, another good reason to keep it around 35 mph. It's hard to tell from the single photo just how nice your car is, but I venture a guess cleaned up with more photos it would probably be in $5000 to $7000 range on ebay.
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                    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1683516 A friend's 1922 Special Six. Richard Quinn will know more about such a car.
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