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Studebaker history books? (A possible paper for class.)

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    for college and high school i wrote about Studebaker history as much as is could make it seem relevant to the subject. the books i used were a century on wheels ( the Studebaker story that i think Studebaker international sells. i also used my copy of the history of the Studebaker corporation by Albert Erskine but it was published in the 20's so some teachers didnt like it but its a great read if you can get a copy. there are a few sites that you can use just make sure there credible before you trust them do fact checks if it seems fishy. also if the teacher will allow it use a personal interview i always use chris dresbach he writes for turning wheels and he knows his stuff he has helped me write 3 or 4 papers in the last year or so. if you can use an expert interview im sure he would help with any questions. good luck hope you pass.


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      The names, Bob Palma, George Krem and Richard Quinn come to mind as all were around back in the day.

      Stu Chapman was marketing director during the Hamilton years after South Bend closed and should be able to assist if you need more details once you have read his book.

      A few days ago Chris Dresbach posted a link to the South Bend paper's article 10 years later namely ten years after shutdown.

      Good luck with your paper.

      May I suggest you consider one day writing a more current history of the Corporation as information has (I believe) come to light since publication of the sources mentioned.
      John Clements
      Christchurch, New Zealand


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        I wrote about the complete history of Studebaker and their impact on South Bend for my Senior paper in high school. The paper only had to be seven pages, I stopped at about twenty because the teacher cut me off... I cited the paper to many Studebaker books; some you can still get, some are harder to find. I also have stuff like letters written by Otto Klausmeyer that I cited and they are original "one offs." I think my English teacher got really frustrated with my work cited page because when she googled everything, some of the references didn't exist, but they do. (I just have the originals. ) Good books to use are "Studebaker: The complete history", A.R. Erskine's book "The history of the Studebaker Corporation", "A Century on Wheels", "Bob Bourke's designs for Studebaker", and there are others. Find old copies of "Studebaker Spotlight" magazines, that was the factory newspaper. Just like my friend Corey said in post #16, he also wrote about Studebaker for a college paper. He interviewed me and I probably gave him a heck of a lot more information than his teacher ever wanted to know about Studebaker, but that was kind of a cool thing to do. If you need a hand finding information, feel free to ask me.
        Chris Dresbach


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          Thank you all very much. Sorry I haven't posted any replies or thanks. School has been keeping my preoccupied haha.
          I will keep everyone updated on my paper, and if my professor lets me choose Studebaker.
          Feel free to PM me any links or recommendations too.
          Again, thank you all