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    Does anyone know where I can buy (assuming reasonable cost) the accessory bumperette fog lights that I've seen on a few C/K models?

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    Hard to find and Pricey, but they ARE out there in Studebakerland.
    The first thing you need to know is the narrower Height bumpers on '53 and '54 Studebakers get a pair of Bumperettes that look exactly like the '55's, so you have to know which bumper cutout you NEED on the Guards, and WHICH you are buying, because there is no way they will interchange.

    The '53-'54 type were only Standard on Land Cruisers, and are quite rare.
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      As Rich indicated, '55 and later will not fit '53-'54. Know which ones you want. Shop by part number to be certain. If you purchase from an online seller or auction, get a return guarantee if they do not fit. It's really hard to tell them apart if you do not have them in hand.

      Online is probably going to be your quickest find. They usually show up at the major Stude swap meets but I don't see any in your area.
      Posting your needs here on the forum is not a bad first step, and will often yield positive results.

      What year model are you looking to fit?
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        OK Tom; (wow I would have never gotten that from your handle!) after checking your previous Posts I am guessing that you MAY want them for a '59 Silver Hawk.
        If that is the case, you want the ones used as Options on 1955's, and Standard on '55 President State Sedans and '55 President Speedsters.
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          I have a pair for 53-54. What would be a fair asking price?


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            Originally posted by scottdancer View Post
            I have a pair for 53-54. What would be a fair asking price?
            Condition, CONDITION, condition?
            A Pair needing Plating can cost well over $200.00 to Plate, so the plating quality is a very big deal.

            Show condition? Good for a Driver? Or ready for plating?

            Complete with Seal Beam buckets, and working 6 Volt Amber Seal Beams with wiring?

            They can go from $200.00 a Set to whatever, depending.
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              Be careful when buying fog light bumper guards for '53 and '54s. At one time I had two sets of them. I had the better ones replated and then found out they wouldn't fit inboard to either side of the license plate. They turned out to be ones that would fit only out near the ends of the front bumper. No, they were not from a '55.
              Click image for larger version

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              The first two photos compare the three types of bumper guards I had. Notice in the one showing the inside of a rechromed and one that hasn't been replated. The mounting bolts aren't in exactly the same location. The rechromed one is the one for outboard mounting. Now look at the photos of the '54 sedan with the outboard mounted bumper guards. Note how one side of the guard is cut away to accommodate the air scoop. Looking in the 1951-54 chassis parts book, there are only two part numbers for the bumper guards (called grille guards in the parts book). Their numbers are 531692W for the right and 531693W for the left and they're used on models 14G, 15G, 4H, and 5H. Yet what I had were distinctly different bumper guards.
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                That's interesting! Never realized there were different contours on the '53-'54 foglamp housings for 'inboard' or 'outboard' mounting.


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                  Maybe also check here, I don't know if they're still for sale:


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                    AC-2323 are the guards with fog lights listed for 1953 (1953 accessories listing). AC-2485 is listed as the guards with fog lights for 1954-53 (1954 accessories listing).
                    Early on, the guards were only meant to be used on C/K models and to be placed inboard in place of the small bumperettes. Later on in 1953 and for 1954, the guards were for all models and could be placed inboard or outboard. I believe this is why you see two different sets of guards.
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