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Want a '62 Champ for one buck?

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  • Want a '62 Champ for one buck?

    Okay, it ain't pretty...:

    Click image for larger version

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    But check the story! Guy bought it for $1, drove it through college, then parked it when it started knocking. Here's his pitch: He'll sell it to you for $1 if you tell him what you're going to do with it, and it matches what he wants to happen. Gotta figure he wants to see it saved In Santee, California:

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    If I was in the area I would! But 800$ to get it home defeats the $1 sale. Hope it sees the road again how the seller and new potential owner imagine it.


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      Hmmmm... between this one, Ed, and Pick-it, I might be able to get one running truck going...
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        The truck sounds interesting and it's almost local to me but I don't need more cars around here. If it was V8 powered, it would be more interesting to me. I hope someone saves it from the crusher. Bud